Delivery Charges/ Averages times/ $30 per hour

Delivery Charges/ Averages times/ $30 per hour

Washer, Dryer, small refrigerator 14Cu. ft to 19 cu. ft – Average time 1 hour to 1.5 hours – normal charge $30-$45
Large Refrigerators 20 Cu. Ft to 27 Cu. Ft, Front load laundry, Washer/Dryer set – Average time 2 hours to 3 hours – normal charge $60-$90
Large high-end 28 Cu. Ft and up Refrigerators – Average time 2.5 to 3.5 hours – normal charge $75-$105
Install on Dishwashers and over the range Microwave – Average install time 2 to 3.5 hours – Normal charge $60-$95
Driving time will be factored in, on top of average install time
Extra charges may apply if extra parts are needed or extra time is used because of unforeseen issues

Extra charges

Basement Stairs $10
Two People Charge $30 per hour

Distance more then 25 miles $30 per hour (example 40 miles 15 miles each way extra charge to Auburn extra $15 mileage charge) .50 cents per mile each way over 25 miles…. Never more then 50 miles each way

***Some Delivery’s may take longer then average and may need extra parts Extra Charges may Apply***


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