Pure Wash

Let us save you even more money! The Pure Water System uses




Yes you will still treat those pesky stains just like always but you can save hundreds of dollars on chemicals and utilities.

The average family of 4 spends $25 per month on Soap and Softener  that equals $300 a year then there is the Hot Water Utility bill..be it gas or electric that will average $15 per month giving you a cost of $480 Yearly.   In one year’s time you will save the entire cost of the Pure Water System.

Buy the system for $399 ….use it 25 days…if you don’t like it and feel the results are not good for your pocketbook, I will take it back and refund your money.

 Mary Whitehouse, Mary’s Appliance



  •  Family of four saves up to $600.00 per year
  •  No detergent residue reduces drying time
  •  With no harsh chemicals, clothes last longer




childdoctor bluebox


  •  Using no detergents reduces skin sensitivities
  •  Due to Ozone, Bacteria & Viruses are destroyed
  •  Disinfects 3,000 times better than bleach




purewash benefits 255w spacerenviro-bluebox


  •  No discharge of harsh chemicals in water ways (300 Billion Gallons per year)
  •  Promotes healthy septic systems (No Chemicals)
  •  Eliminates plastic detergent jugs in landfills (37 per household per year)



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