Waterbed Supplies

Mary’s opened their waterbed business in 1979 and have supplied replacement mattresses, liners, heaters and conditioners.  Since opening in 1979,  Vinyl Products mattresses made in the USA, have been the product of choice.  We keep a basic supply on hand of full motion, semi motion, and total motionless mattresses in stock along with all conditioners, fill kits, patch kits and other accessories.

3D Lap Full Motion Mattresses  sell for $129.00  SS, Q, K
Fiber Firm 4 our semi Motion Mattress sells for $299.00
Fiber Firm 6 our total wave less mattress sells for $399.00
Basic heaters sell for $79.00
Stand Up liners $69.00
Conditioners 4 oz.  $2.99
Fill and Drain Kits  $9.99
Fill Kit 4 oz ( hose plug in and conditioner) $5.99
8 oz Vinyl Cleaner  $5.99
Cap and inserts  $1.50
Patch Kit     $1.50


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